The Visalia Rotary Community Foundation was established in 1992.  Leaders of the Visalia Rotary Club wished to take action for those left in need from the devastating impact of the 1991 freeze that affected much of Visalia and the surrounding community.  Seeing the good that Rotary's International Foundation had done in the world, the Visalia Rotary Community Foundation was established to benefit Visalia and the surrounding community.

The principal of the foundation's fund reaches the goal of $250,000 set by the Board of Directors.  The first grant is made from the general fund in the amount of $2,500.
The Visalia County Center Rotary Club joins the Foundation, thus setting precedent for future Rotary Clubs’ participation in the Foundation.
Vocational Scholarships: The Robert Harrell Career & Technical Educational Scholarships are added to the Foundation., thanks to a generous  grant of $109,547 from the Harrell family.  The initial scholarships given totaled $2,800, and were divided among five individuals. These scholarships are designed for men and women who choose not to pursue a four-year education and who will likely stay in and be productive members of the Visalia community.
The Visalia Breakfast Rotary Club joins the Foundation.
Visalia Rotary Community Foundation’s principal reaches $3,000,000. By the end of 2005, it had awarded total grant and scholarships in the following amounts:

  •     General grants - $347,600
  •     Vocational scholarships - $24,900
  •     Dwelle scholarships - $9,000
  •     Scholarships from the Visalia Rotary Club - $100,000
  •     Emergency funds used for the greater Visalia community - $127,800

Visalia Sunset Rotary Club joins the Foundation. The Visalia Rotary Community Foundation responds to another freeze in Visalia by making a grant of $61,000 in emergency funds for freeze relief.
Prominent Visalians Tony and Mary Salierno grant the Foundation $100,000 to establish music scholarships for five high schools in the Visalia area.
Visalia Rotary Community Foundation hreached the milestone of having awarded more than $1,000,000 in grants and scholaarships.  These included $833,000 in general grants, $51,000 in vocational scholarships, $70,000 in the Dwelle scholarship, $234,000 in emergency grants, and $167,463 in four-year scholarships from the Visalia Rotary Club.
Latino Rotary Club of Tulare County joins the Foundation. The five Rotary clubs that now comprise the membership of the Foundation gives a broad and diverse approach to the issues facing the Visalia community.