It is an honor to serve as President of the Visalia Rotary Community Foundation.  This organization, established in 1996, seeks to improve the quality of life in Visalia through grants, scholarships, major projects, and emergency grant funds.  Emergency grant funds jumps out as me as I look back over the last several months.   Due to the COVID-19 healthcare crisis, the Community Foundation has been able to give emergency funds to our local hospital, food banks, and other emergency aid organizations.   

The Visalia Rotary Community Foundation has risen to the occasion since inception, and we are prepared to move through this year continuing in that same pattern.  We believe that by encouraging personal and organizational development we will make an investment in our community’s future.

In this time where it seems nothing is in our control, we can still control the kindness and grace we extend to our neighbors, and we can still focus on helping other through our giving.  

Deborah Volosin
President, Visalia Rotary Community Foundation

Deborah Volosin